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Illinois' Premier Contractor Exam Preparation

Since 2012, we've been making sure you pass the test the first time. We're Proud To Offer All Training Courses In Both Live And ONLINE Options

Need help passing the exam to receive your Illinois roofing license quickly and affordably? The deadline to sign up for the next State of Illinois exam is October 4. Our next class is Nov 1-4, 2021 at Contractors Network and Training Center in Chicago. Exam date is Nov. 10, 2021. Spaces are limited.

Illinois contractors can take control of repairs, negotiate directly with the insurance company, be paid on time, and add more money to their bottom line by becoming a licensed public adjuster with the help of Contractors Network and Training Center. Our next class is October 18 thru October 20. Spaces are limited.

Looking for a simple way to pass a very difficult Chicago masonry and concrete exam? We can help you do that with our unique curriculum! The deadline to sign up for the next test is in September 3, with our next class is September 27-28, 2021. The next exam will be October 6, 2021. Spaces will be limited.

Contractors deserve to be paid for their work.

Let us help recover your hard earned dollars.

Whether it's $5,000 or $100,000, Contractors Network and Training Center in Chicago has helped thousands of honest and hard-working contractors collect unpaid bills through our Lien Advisory division. Give us the necessary information, and we'll take care of the rest. General contractors have 120 days to file, while subcontractors have only 90 days, so don't delay! Recover what you are owed and deserve. Call now!


Don't Take Our Word For It!

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  1. Five Stars for Contractors Lien Advisors

    “Sometimes the hardest part of a construction project is getting paid….. Sincerely want to thank CLA Chicago for helping me resolve all ‘money’ problems.”

    --Deco Rama
  2. Five Stars for our Chicago Roofing School

    “It was definitely the best thing I could have done. The class really prepares you for the test. If it wasn’t for this class I would have not passed the test. Such a great investment! I passed the test with an 85% and couldn’t be happier and grateful for all the guidance and help that this class gave me!”

    --Monika Czaja
  3. Five Stars for Illinois Public Adjuster School

    “Excellent schooling! I passed my exam. It would have been extremely hard without the help.”

    --Brock Boss

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